NASA doesn’t take off without a detailed
launch guide
 and neither should you!

Just because your course hasn’t taken off yet doesn’t mean it never will, it just means you need expert support to plan, launch and grow your digital offer.

Failure to launch keeping you stuck in your business?

You thought creating an online course would provide you the independence you wanted in life to free up your time, reduce your 1:1 clients and shatter through 100K year revenue, but instead you are spending even more time trying to line up all the pieces to launch your digital offers, but still nothing seems to go right! And your launch is taking off in a downward spiral before it even takes off!
You see others launching their own courses and you want that for your life too so that you can finally take a break from the hustle and have the freedom in your life back! But don’t you have to have the time to create more time? It just hasn’t been lining up and your last attempt felt like a flop. So now what?

The truth may sound a little harsh but hear me out friend. You can give up, and call it quits on your dreams for more…but we both know you or more ambitious than your fear…OR, You can do it again, this time with a launch plan and support of someone who has been there, done that to help you reach the success you want!

Thankfully, I know a guy who could help!

Uh, Houston, we have a problem…

Would you rather have a first-time pilot or one with years of experience? When you navigate your launch alone, you can only do what you know. Basically, it’s the old try it and we’ll see method… But how much confidence can you really have in your launch goals with this guess and check strategy? Wouldn’t you feel more confident, more supported and expect better outcomes with experienced guide leading you through planning, launching, and improving you launch! Because why stumble through the mistakes so many beginners make when you can skip the messy middle and learn directly from the launch expert, ME!

  • Your uncertain for how to put it together, I’ve got a successful plan to get it done!
  • You feel your lack of experience is holding you back, don’t worry I’ve got 3 years of knowledge I am excited to share!
  • You want your time back, well then stop messing around wasting time in an area that is not your zone of genius by trying to DIY your launch and finally get the help you need to make your goals happen!

Before your course can take off, there are some key steps you must follow first.

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Hi, I’m Ken Westgaard, The Launch Guy and I help online course creators and membership site owners with easy, more profitable launches so that they can make more money and help more people.

Unlike most who focus only on the launch itself, I will support clients through 4 crucial launch steps (plan it, launch it, review it and improve it) so that they don’t stay stuck repeating the same mistakes and exponentially grow their income + impact every time they launch!

Let’s Make Your Next Launch Your Best Launch!

The Ultimate 90 Days Launch Package

Your all access support to mapping out and executing your best launch yet in 90 days!

Go For Launch – The 4-Step Process

  • Plan It: The first 60 days lays the foundations for your entire launch and we map out your success plan
  • Launch It:  We count down to your launch week – 3, 2, 1 Blast off to your goals!
  • Review It: What went well and what didn’t go so well? We’ll spend a week to see what gears do we need to grease up for next time.
  • Improve It: The last 14 days we spend on looking at your next steps to make your next launch your best launch!

Leave your old measly launches a blast in the past, It’s time to take off to your goals!

  • Detailed plan for every launch phase
  • Pre-launch checklist so you don’t miss a critical step that could cost you thousands
  • Launch week support: on call support to maneuver through any turbulence that comes your way
  • Detailed launch evaluation: breakdown of what went well, what fizzled and clear lessons to improve on next time
  • Process, plans with proven record of success
  • Support of experience guide to help you achieve your best results to date!

Most importantly, you'll get...

  • 6 x 60 minutes coaching calls
  • Daily check-in via Messenger during pre launch and the launch
Okay I am going to show my soft side for a minute, I have always loved the quote “Want to go fast, go alone. Want to go far, go together.” I truly have experienced the most success personally and professionally when supported by experienced guide who has been there, done that and knowsthe path to success. The Ultimate Launch Package offers you just that, so you can Blast Off  to your goals and leave your old measly launches a blast in the past

3 Month Commitment $3,600

Payments plans available

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Natalie has changed her business AND her life!

She started with NO list, not even a Facebook group. Now she has over 3200+ subscribers on her email list, 3400+ people in ManycChat, she has launched her online fitness course 5 times and sold for over $50K all while having a full time job.

She has also launched her membership 3 times and she got 211 members on her first launch. The result was a whopping $9,196 in sales in that first launch, and has now made her $37,185 in sales in 9 months.

Who knew launching could be EASY & FUN!?

One of the most influential things any person has said to me is “your success is inevitable” and I believe that for you too!

You can create digital course to scale your business, you can get your freedom back and have the time to pursue even bigger dreams, travel, or simply hang out with your family!

You can reach for the moon & stars and together, we can make it happen.

Unlimited Success Awaits!

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