Ep.014 - How to own your marketing and have a successful launch with Cody Burch

podcast Dec 22, 2019

"You’ve got your expertise for a reason... Don’t live small & don’t keep it to yourself"

Cody Burch ditched his comfy 6-figure job in pursuit of entrepreneurial legacy. His goal is to help online businesses own their marketing, and experience growth on-demand using sales funnels and Facebook ads.  

By day he runs a boutique digital agency, Red Anchor Marketing, and by night he documents the tumultuous journey on his podcast, Cody Builds a Business. He's most famous for helping driven entrepreneurs scale their businesses with online marketing campaigns (including one client who recently experienced nearly a 30:1 return on ad-spend).

He left the red dirt hills of Oklahoma for the Rocky Mountains of Colorado Springs in 2004 with his wife Christy and their 3 sons, Jacob, Luke, and Ben and his lazy, retired racing greyhound, Zeke.

A great conversation offering firsthand advice on how to fine tune a successful launch.

We discuss:

  • Agency to online memberships
  • Funnels & Ads
  • Processes & helping people to remember them
  • Take a look at your business and own it!
  • How to avoid failures
  • Utilizing testimonials
  • Launch do’s & don’ts
  • Lead generators
  • Using & promoting Giveaways 
  • Launch budgets
  • Learning from past launches

Want to connect with Cody Burch?

Website: http://www.codyburch.com/  and http://www.onehourfunnel.com/


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