Ep.012 - How to become a Master Seller with Kathy Terrill

podcast Dec 08, 2019

"If you’re not excited about what you’re doing, nobody else is going to be"

Kathy Terrill is a New York-based professional actress having appeared on All My Children and Law & Order SVU. Kathy also has more than 25 years’ experience in brick-and-mortar retail and over 6 years as an on-air product presenter for QVC, the shopping channel. Kathy started small, selling items from her Manhattan apartment to create a home-based business while caring for sick family members. Now more than 15 years later, Kathy has grown to be a Top-Rated Silver Power Seller on eBay with over 12.000 positive feedback.

From over 600,000 sellers, Kathy was selected by eBay to be the recipient of eBay's Small Business Advocate award for 2017. An in-demand speaker and private sales coach, Kathy is frequently asked by eBay to join senior eBay staff in presenting at eCommerce events as a member of the eBay team. 

Kathy is skilled at helping sellers of all levels increase their eBay sales with expert tips she gleans from her extensive retail experience, work with eBay teams and her social media knowledge. 

A fact filled discussion filled with heaps of tips for a successful launch.

We discuss:

  • eBay beginnings / basics & marketing tips
  • eBay vs Websites
  • Social Media platforms – Wherever you like – go there – & go there regularly!
  • Membership Groups
  • The importance of taking time out to recharge
  • Get clear about your offerings
  • Warming your audience before a sale
  • What is a Watch party?
  • Importance of health & nutrition before a launch
  • Planning ahead / Clearing your calendar for a launch
  • Benefits of testimonials
  • Have fun!

Want to connect with Kathy Terrill?

Website: https://ilovetobeselling.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ilovetobeselling/


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