Ep.022 - How to Build Brand Power & Reach Your Ideal Audience with Zahra Cruzan

Uncategorized Feb 24, 2020

"Vision is the foundation for everything"

Zahra Cruzan, founder of Brand Author works with entrepreneurs to enter mainstream markets by creating an irresistible brand. After spending nearly, a decade working and training in marketing and copywriting, for both small ventures and Fortune...

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Ep.021 - How to take control of your day when launching with Morgan Gillis

podcast Feb 17, 2020

"How you think influences how you feel, that influences how you act and that influences the results you get"

Morgan is a habits coach who helps online entrepreneurs optimize their habits so they can level up their life and business. She is the creator of the 21 Day Morning Routine...

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Ep.020 - How to manage the post launch void with Ken Westgaard

podcast Feb 10, 2020

"It’s important to find ways to get excited, get energized"

Have you just launched and are now feeling at a loss? Then this episode is for you!

I discuss:

  • How did I manage to make it to Podcast 20?
  • Guests = content
  • Outsourcing Podcast Editing & Show notes
  • The void that comes...
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Ep.019 - Showing up and finding ‘Wins’ in a failed launch with Alicia Parker

podcast Feb 04, 2020

" One of the big lessons is just showing up for the people"

Alicia Parker is a creator & strategist that has taught hundreds of women how to create their own roadmap to emotional & financial independence using a 4 Step Formula to help you identify the right (and wrong)...

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Ep.018 - How to Create the Dream Client Avatar with Andy Ryan

podcast Jan 28, 2020

"The clients that were successful were the ones who knew who they were talking to"

Andy Ryan has been in the on-line marketing space for 8 years and has worked on many launches as a coach, consultant and actually doing the "work" for them! His passion and what drives everything he does is...

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Ep.017 - Increasing membership numbers by closing cart with Lisa Breitenfeldt

podcast Jan 20, 2020

"I only had 220 members and it had been open 4 years ….in just 7 days I had over 300 members"

Lisa Breitenfeldt is the President and CEO of Cache Advance. Her geocaching name is Lookout Lisa. Lisa has been geocaching since 2002, with over 200 hides and now over 11K finds. She is...

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Ep.016 - How to Reduce Stress around Launch Time with Suzanne Jeffreys

podcast Jan 14, 2020

“Our two best tools are our bodies and our minds, so we’ve got to nourish them"

Suzanne Jeffreys, Founder of CEO Wellness, teaches overwhelmed entrepreneurial women to relax, recharge & rebalance for less stress and more success. 

As a business owner, teacher,...

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Ep.015 - Wrapping up 2019 & Moving into 2020 with Ken Westgaard

podcast Jan 06, 2020

"Keep showing up for your audience"

I discuss:

  • First membership disappointment
  • Having second thoughts
  • Realizing my zone of genius
  • Importance of mindset when launching
  • Making changes & recognizing the need for help
  • Using a strategist to move forward – Branding / Client Profile /...
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Ep.014 - How to own your marketing and have a successful launch with Cody Burch

podcast Dec 22, 2019

"You’ve got your expertise for a reason... Don’t live small & don’t keep it to yourself"

Cody Burch ditched his comfy 6-figure job in pursuit of entrepreneurial legacy. His goal is to help online businesses own their marketing, and experience growth on-demand using sales...

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Ep.013 - From Bankruptcy to Financial & Entrepreneurial Freedom with Maria Rygge

podcast Dec 15, 2019

"Be willing to take risks, because there will be risk involved if you are starting something totally new"

Since 2010, Maria Rygge and her life & business partner Petter Erik Nyvoll have inspired and educated thousands of people. From 2010 to 2015 they arranged events within the field of...

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